‘We are pricing an entire generation out’ of family-friendly housing: The best comments from Hub readers this week

Zeel Shah with her husband Deep Cheema and their son Rehaan Cheema, pose for a photo outside of their home in Edmonton on Friday, October 7, 2022. Amber Bracken/The Canadian Press.

This week in Hub Forum, readers discussed many of the most pressing issues concerning Canada, including the role of critical minerals in expanding Canada’s global reach, whether Pierre Poilievre can tackle housing with Doug Ford in the picture, legal battles between federal and provincial governments, the need for a Canadian CIA, and the all-consuming culture war question: just how “woke” is Canada, really?

The goal of Hub Forum is to bring the impressive knowledge and experience of The Hub community to the fore and to foster open dialogue and the competition of differing ideas in a respectful and productive manner. Here are some of the most interesting comments from this past week.

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Why critical minerals are key to Canada’s global influence

Monday, February 12, 2024

“Future governments may have little choice but to directly fund and assist the mining sector but I suspect that by the time they get to it, it will be too little, and too late.”


“Governments and corporations must negotiate good economic deals with those Indigenous People who have ownership rights.”

— Al Raftis

Will Pierre Poilievre stand up to Doug Ford, Canada’s biggest gatekeeper?

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

“All politicians are faced with the trade-offs between the political path and the best for the country/province/municipality path. Sometimes the two align but often they do not. When the disconnect is too frequent and/or too egregious, a politician begins to earn the ignoble mantle of ‘typical politician,’ even with party supporters. Many may chalk it up to politics-as-usual, but when the person doing it is in power, it has real and negative consequences, including more apathy among voters or potential voters (see current government).”

Paul Attics

“Even with density to partially compensate, the result has been skyrocketing land prices, smaller units, and a huge transfer of wealth to existing homeowners. There’s ‘enough’ land without touching the greenbelt, but enough for what? The majority of new builds are apartments, not ‘missing middle,’ and we are pricing an entire generation out of the lower-density, family-friendly housing that is both what they want and what previous generations enjoyed.”


The battles over provincial autonomy are just heating up

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

“At 50, I have known people from all walks of life and political persuasions over the years and while I may not agree with their ideologies or policy ideas, they are people I admire because they care about our country and community and think about ways to solve problems.”


“The inequality between the rich and the poor is growing. That creates a nation which is unstable.”

— A. Chezzi

Canada needs its own CIA

Thursday, February 15, 2024

“For good and ill, we benefit immensely from the geographical proximity to, strategic alignment, and cultural affinity with, the United States. Perhaps Canada could increase its contribution to Five Eyes and our wider alliances in other ways with more value to usrobust, high profile, and ongoing exercise of our sovereignty in the Canadian North, for example.”

— Paul Attics

“The obstacles of not having our own foreign intelligence service are apparent whenever an event somewhere in the world triggers the need for a response.”

— RJKWells

A person carries a Stay Woke sign during a protest, Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2023, in Miami. Lynne Sladky/AP Photo.
Canadians aren’t actually ‘woke’

Friday, February 16, 2024

“If we could get back to that and stop politicizing [the term woke], we would fare much better as a country. The survey indicates that on some matters we are not much different from the U.S. and that is something we need to work on.

— A. Chezzi

“Any dominant ideology that vigorously prevents and punishes good faith discussion and ideas is a societal dead end, certainly an unprosperous one, and likely a destructive one.”

— Paul Attics

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