A new condo high-rise development is seen in the distance as people make their way along the Ottawa River in Ottawa on Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2023. Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press.

Denser cities make for a greener Canada

If we’re going to add one million people to our country every year, let’s build them homes in our core cities. This is the right thing to do for the environment and for this new generation of home buyers and newcomers.

Brian Hoeppner, right, and Nicholas Hartnett, owner of Pure Power Solar, install a solar panel on the roof of a home in Frankfort, Ky., Monday, July 17, 2023. Michael Conroy/AP Photo.

A National Housing Policy does not need to be environmentally friendly

The priority today must be to unblock the restrictions at all levels of government that prevent our private sector from building. That’s it. In many cases, those restrictions come packaged in policies called “green standards” or “sustainable design requirements”, but these all add up to more bureaucracy, more costs, and fewer units of housing getting built. 

The Bento Arm grasps a ball and sets it on an upturned cup at the University of Alberta's BLINC lab in Edmonton on Thursday March 14, 2019. Amber Bracken/The Canadian Press.

Don’t listen to the AI doomsayers

Rewind 25 years and try to imagine the industries made possible by the modern internet. A similar economic shift is coming, and humanity will stand to greatly benefit if we take full advantage.

An electric vehicle is charged in Ottawa on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press.

Project Arrow is doomed to fail

If we want to get serious about building an innovative Canadian future we can be proud of, our governments at all levels need to realize that they’re the obstacles, not the solutions.