Thousands of visitors line up to visit the Great Temple of Ramses II, to observe the sun to send a beam of light into the ancient temple's dark inner chamber for over ten minutes in Abu Simbel, 870 kilometers (540 miles) south of Cairo, Egypt, Friday, Feb. 22, 2019. Amr Nabil/AP Photo.

What Shelley got wrong

While Shelley wrote his famous poem as a parable about the impermanence of worldly renown, the fact that we still know the name Ozymandias and who it represents, can still look upon his mighty works, highlights how wrong the poet was.

Winemaker Amelie Neaux at Saumur-Champigny, France, April 2022. Credit: Malcolm Jolley.

Five New Year's resolutions for writing about wine

Wine does not make itself, and the story of the people who make the wine is the real story of the wine. It’s easy to forget this and get caught up in geography, climate, grape variety, cellar equipment, or whatever else and forget about the minds that make the decisions about what ends up in the glass.

Pre-K teacher Vera Csizmadia teaches 3- and 4-year-old students in her classroom at the Dr. Charles Smith Early Childhood Center, Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021, in Palisades Park, N.J. Mary Altaffer/AP Photo.

The bad metaphysics of progressive education

A generation of teachers has been steeped in the progressive educational theories of John Dewey and his more radical successors, who viewed education as a vehicle for delegitimizing a society’s cultural inheritance and dismantling its customs and institutions.