Hub Dialogue

Liz Cheney’s political demise and Trump’s resurrection. The Hub Roundtable discusses what it means for Canada

This week’s Hub Dialogue roundtable discusses three topics dominating headlines right now. First, what does Liz Cheney’s political demise, and the potential resurrection of Donald Trump, mean for Canada? And, how should we think about the major outcry about CTV’s decision to ditch anchor Lisa LaFlamme? Finally, we run through some quick analysis about the Ontario government’s recent health care announcement.

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre rises during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on June 15, 2022. Justin Tang/The Canadian Press.
Hub Dialogue

‘Be seen looking like a prime minister’: David Frum on how to be an effective opposition leader

This is the fifteenth episode of The Hub’s bi-weekly series featuring Sean Speer in conversation with leading author, journalist, and thinker David Frum. The two discuss “Frum’s commandments” on what opposition party leaders in parliamentary systems — think Keir Starmer in Britain or the next Conservative Party leader in Canada — should be doing in preparation for a general election.