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Hub Roundtable: Canada’s standoff with India is bad news on many fronts

Podcast & Video

This week’s Hub Roundtable discusses the fallout from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s allegation of India’s involvement in the killing of a Sikh Canadian earlier this year. What does this tell us about Canada’s standing in the world and the geopolitical field of play? We also talk about the ongoing Greenbelt development scandal in Ontario and what a series of high-level resignations means for Doug Ford’s government.

The Roundtable features Hub executive director Rudyard Griffiths, Hub editor-at-large, Sean Speer, and Hub editor-in-chief, Stuart Thomson. The Roundtable is produced and edited by The Hub’s content editor, Amal Attar-Guzman.

You can listen to this episode of Hub Dialogues on Acast, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Spotify. The episodes are generously supported by The Ira Gluskin And Maxine Granovsky Gluskin Charitable Foundation and The Linda Frum & Howard Sokolowski Charitable Foundation.

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