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Are we ‘see-sawing from neglect to overreaction’?: The Hub Roundtable on the economic sanctions against Russia and the Conservative leadership race

Podcast & Video

This week’s Hub Dialogue roundtable, featuring The Hub’s executive director Rudyard Griffiths, editor-at-large Sean Speer and editor-in-chief Stuart Thomson, focuses on two issues making headlines this week.

Why has the public and political response on the part of Western nations been so fast and furious with regards to both punishing the regime of Vladimir Putin economically as well as taking unprecedented steps to assist the embattled Ukraine government through arms transfers? Are we witnessing something genuinely new in terms of public perceptions of the threat of authoritarianism to liberal international order?

Next, what are Canadians to make of the state of play of the nascent Conversative leadership race? Is this a party that is about to radically reposition itself on the political map? Or, are persistent challenges at the federal ballot box likely to blunt efforts to take the Conversative party in more populist direction? The roundtable digs into who the possible leadership candidates are and what do they stand for.

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