Pierre Poilievre, centre, Conservative Party leadership candidate, attends a party barbecue in Calgary, Alta., Saturday, July 9, 2022. Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press.
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Pierre Poilievre, unity candidate?

Poilievre as a candidate enjoys far higher levels of approval from party members and supporters than his predecessors in the last leadership contest, while Charest is disliked by far wider margins than the 2020 candidates. 

Conservative member of Parliament Pierre Poilievre makes his way to question period in the House of Commons on April 12, 2021. Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press.

Poilievre must find his inner Jack Layton to give the Tories a chance

Lost amidst the national media’s fixation on a small number of Confederate flags and Swastikas spotted at the protests were a much larger number of Fleur-de-lis; a good amount of French could be heard from protestors on the ground as well. The media has also been slow to draw a connection between the protests and Premier Legault’s draconian winter curfew.