Photo credit: Hidden Bench

Four ideal wines for a hot summer day

It stands to reason that since many if not most of the world’s big, powerful red wines come from warm places like the Mediterranean Basin, South America, South Africa, Australia, and California, they ought to do just fine on a Dog Day.

The old farmhouse at the Casale del Giglio winery. Credit: Casale del Giglio.

Casale del Giglio and the wines of Rome

It seems curious that Rome’s wines are not more widely known. If you have eaten well in Rome, it’s very likely you have drunk Bellone and Cesanese, and it’s entirely possible they were made by Casale del Giglio.

German wine lunch, Toronto, June 2022. Photo credit: Andros Communications.

The wine world opens up again

The world is opening up again following the long pandemic years. What better way to reaffirm the pleasures of life than sitting down with friends and drinking some good German wine?