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‘A mandate for what?’: The Hub Roundtable breaks down Doug Ford’s big victory, as well as our increasing economic woes

Doug Ford, Leader of the Ontario PC Party, speaks during a rally at the the Toronto Congress Centre in Etobicoke, Ont. on Wednesday June 1, 2022. Chris Young/The Canadian Press.

This week’s Hub Dialogue Roundtable discusses the Ontario election results in which less than half of the province’s voting population even bothered to vote.

They also dig into the Bank of Canada’s latest interest rate hike and the growing threat of stagflation in Canada’s economy.

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Ford campaigned on Ontario open for business last time! As soon as he safely could get away with it as restrictions lifted Ford was out there working on exactly that! His slogan was “getting it done”! That is what I saw and why I voted for him! I strongly believe he was coerced into those overly strict COVID regulations!

“We’re a toy country, a fantasy kingdom built on mountains of profligacy and debt. There’s a harsh reality that’s waiting for us all.”

Bravo Rudyard!

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