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Why Canada needs a grand vision of the future to thrive in the 21st century: Unbound

We are no longer living in the 1980s. Perhaps obvious. But some conservatives increasingly feel stuck there, applying the same arguments and policy prescriptions of a bygone era to the problems of today.

The Hub’s editor at large Sean Speer joins hosts Geoff Costeloe and James Robertson on their podcast Unbound: Fearlessly Exploring Issues That Matter to discuss the state of conservatism in Canada and outline the need for a “conservative futurism” to guide us through the 21st century. These ideas and debates are critical to explore, he believes, asking: 

“What is that different and better future for Canada? What does it look like, and why is it important? I think it’s absolutely crucial that [conservatives] talk that way. Not only is it good electorally, I think that it’s good for the country…There may be nothing I feel more strongly about these days than the need to orient our public conversation along those lines.”

He continues: “I think conservatives need to find within ourselves a kind of vision and message of greatness. We shouldn’t feel self-conscious in talking in those terms.”

Other topics explored in the episode include the new federal budget and how it represents a break from recent consensus, the need for a positive conservative alternative to combat progressive politics, the interesting and varied debate fermenting on the right in this moment, the importance of dynamism and applied conservatism, childcare, the problems leading to delayed family formation, Canada as an ocean economy, and more. 

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